Leapfrog Learn & Groove Activity Station Review

Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - MainWe initially went on the hunt for a traditional walker but got completely side tracked when we saw this standing out from the other baby toys, it looked like so much fun and didn’t take up the whole of our very small front room.


From 4 months old (once they can hold their head upright unassisted) to walking age (up to 25 pounds)

Requires 3 AA batteries

Height Adjustable

As Beth has always been tall for her age, this was a great feature for us as we knew it would at least last a while.  One of the main attractions it seemed for Beth was that she could bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce, discovering her legs and not being able to walk was obviously frustrating – as soon as she got in the Leapfrog Learn and Groove (or the “Sing it baby” as it became known in our house – the tune you get when pulling on the teething microphone) her legs didn’t stop.

Baby Toys - Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - Carry Handle

It is very simple to adjust the height of the 3 legs and to also collapse the activity station to store away or take to the grandparents house and has a handy handle to carry it with.  It doesn’t fold completely flat as the disco ball, juke box and microphone stick up quite height but it makes it that bit easier to store and put in the boot of the car.

Volume Control

Handy if the Jackson 5 style “ABC’s” is getting a bit much, you can turn it down to a lower volume if you need to.

Song Selections

To keep everyone interested you can flip the Jukebox page to change the song selection, out of all of Beth’s noisy baby toys this one has to have the catchiest songs on it and they are very similar to certain Jackson 5 songs.  Beth’s dad also loved “scratching” on the decks – perhaps a little more than Beth did!

Washable 360 Swivel Seat

Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - features

The fabric seat is removable and washable (although it is a bit tricky to get on and off so I wouldn’t have wanted to wash it on a very regular basis).

Stabilise or Rock n Roll

When you initially get the Leapfrog Learn and Groove out of the box it’s set to “rock” so as they turn and bounce the activity station also rocks about.  It is easy to flip the 3 little legs out to stabilise the activity station and this is the setting we tended to use the most.

Walker or Leapfrog Activity Center?

We also had a Cosatto Origami Too I Love Bubbles walker as well as the Learn and Groove Activity Station and Beth definitely used this more than the walker.  She still loved to whizz around in the walker but as our house is small she wouldn’t get too far before she’d need turn around and come back again!  The activity center is great because it’s a stationary center so there’s less trouble for them to get in to and wherever you place it is where it stays – so it meant that she could be placed somewhere safe and be busy having fun while I could keep her in eye sight but be able to cook dinner for example.

The Cosatto walker also seemed to have a very small seat compared to the Learn and Groove which right up until she was too old to use it was still really roomy.  In fact when her little cousin came to visit recently we got it out and she insisted on having a go … she’s now 2 and although she couldn’t really bounce any more as she’s too tall she still had room to have a great time spinning around and playing with all the activities although it was a struggle to convince her to come out of it!

Leapfrog Entertainment

Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - more features

There’s a lot of baby toys to keep little ones occupied on the activity station:

  • Spinning disco ball – spins each time they spin past it (also spins by hand too)
  • Teething Microphone – “sing it baby” every time it’s pulled and chewed on
  • Piano Keys – various lights and tunes to help introduce colours and numbers
  • Jukebox – turn the page on the juke box to change the tune selection
  • DJ Station – scratching decks with spinning record


This is great entertainment for both little ones and adults, it’s hard wearing and introduces numbers, colours and the alphabet using music that you’ll all be singing along with!

Baby Toys - Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - Disco BallBaby Toys - Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - JukeboxBaby Toys - Leapfrog - Learn and Groove - Microphone

The downsides

It’s not really a downside, but it can be a little noisy when being jumped up and down in but the fun little ones get from it definitely makes up for this and more.

When Beth first started using the activity station we needed to prop her up a little bit with a small cushion at the front as with all walkers and stations the seats tend to be slanted forward slightly and at first she just look like she was flying.  A baby head hugger cushion was the perfect size to use at first and get her in to the right position to start bouncing about.

Where to buy the Leapfrog Activity Station

The Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Station can be purchased from Amazon.


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    Nice review, VERY in depth, perhaps we could learn a thing or two from you over at Oh My!

    I think I’ll buy this as a present in a couple of months (when the baby can hold it’s head upright, unassisted) :D

    Keep the reviews coming!

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